General education

To support students in their orientation project

The general way offers the same diploma for all, with common courses, specialties and the possibility of choosing optional courses.

To serve as a springboard to success in higher education High school students benefit from common lessons that guarantee the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and promote the success of each student.

They choose specialized courses to deepen their knowledge and refine their project in their chosen fields (3 in first and 2 in final).

Première Terminale
French 4h
Philosophy 4h
History Geography 3h 3h
Foreign Language A and B 4h30 4h
Civic and Moral Education (EMC) 18h / an 18h / an
Sports 2h 2h
Sciences 2h 2h

Specialty courses at Lycée Darchicourt

Three lessons in first class (4h weekly per specialty)

At the end of the first year, pupils choose, among these three courses, the two specialty courses that they will pursue in the final year.

Specialities offered hereHours first year Hours final year
Visual Arts 4h 6h
Cinéma 4h 6h
History, geography, géopolitics and political sciences 4h 6h
Humanities, litterature and philosophy 4h 6h
Foreign languages and cultures (ENGLISH) 4h 6h
Foreign languages and cultures (SPANISH) 4h 6h
Litterature, languages and cultures of Antiquity (LATIN) 4h 6h
Mathématics 4h 6h
Physics Chemistry 4h 6h
Biology 4h 6h
Economics and Social Sciences 4h 6h

Optional Teachings

Enseignements optionnels Hours first year Hours final year
Foreign Language C (Russian or Chinese) 3h 3h
Visual Arts 3h 3h
Histoiry of Arts 3h 3h
Cinema 3h 3h
Sports 3h 3h
Latin 3h 3h
Optional specialities
Complementary Mathematics 3h
Expert Maths 3h
Law and Contemporary subjects 3h