Year 10 (seconde)

“Seconde” is the first class of High School in France.

Its main aim is to help the pupils choose which topics they are going to study in the next two years.

Other objectives are to :

– Adapt to High School,
– Learn how to manage time and become autonomous,
– Develop new methods of work,
– Prepare for further studies.

We offer three types of courses all including modern languages: ordinary, European classes and international ones. Pupils learn 2 Modern Languages ​: English, German and Spanish.

Besides the common lessons, each student follows two exploration teachings that will enable him to discover new topics. These exploration teachings are selected according to taste or interest. The first exploration subject will be Economics. The student has the choice between: – Fundamentals of Economics and Business (PFEG) – Social and Economics Sciences (SES). A wide choice is available for the second exploration course : some within the field of “Arts and Culture”, others are science oriented.

Each student also has the possibility to follow an optional course.