From the Principal

For just 50 years, the Lycée Fernand DARCHICOURT has had as a major objective the success of its students and their well-being. For 50 years, the Lycée has enjoyed an image of excellence and great notoriety in the academy.

As every year since 1971, the school has prepared many students for the baccalaureate. In the 2021 session, more than 500 final year students took the general baccalaureate and technological baccalaureate exams.

In general Bac, more than 97% of them obtained the precious diploma and nearly 70% obtained it with a distinction, including 9 VG with the congratulations of the jury. Obtaining a mention is an asset for further studies, the mention is also the recognition of the student’s commitment to the work proposed by the teachers.

In technological bac, success is also at the rendezvous 91.5% in ST2S and nearly 76% in STMG. These results should be taken with satisfaction because they also reflect the work of the students and the support of the teaching teams.

This high school, which has the Lycée des Métiers du Transport, de la Logistics et du Commerce label, also trains BTS students, both under school and apprenticeship status, which everyone should be happy about. In initial training, teachers supported 96% of BTS GTLA, 79% of BTS MCO and 92% of BTS SAM. In apprenticeship, 100% of work-study students have obtained their diploma and have thus undertaken concrete professional integration.

Academic success at Lycée DARCHICOURT, the results show, is achieved through intensive preparation for exams and other assessment situations implemented by the teaching teams for their students. It is of course the personal commitment of the students themselves as well as the support of parents that is also the driving force. High school students should know that their success depends a lot on their courage, their personal discipline, their will to succeed and the consistency of their efforts.

This preparation for success is accompanied by a real policy of assistance to students with special educational needs in reciprocity of a commitment to promote all pathways.

The DARCHICOURT high school offers, as everyone knows and this is what contributes to its notoriety, a real wealth and a wide variety of cultural, scientific, technological and sporting lessons. It is also developing an ambitious international dimension which, although temporarily reduced by the health situation, should resume in 2021-2022 with the prospect of near or far trips and numerous outings benefiting from the richness of the local heritage.

At the start of the 2021 school year, the students all returned to the Lycée. The teaching teams are delighted to find them again and to envisage, thanks to various measures, a year without educational discontinuity between face-to-face and distance education but enriched with hybridization capacities.

It is in this reassuring context, with full satisfaction and great confidence in the future, that the new management team takes office at Lycée DARCHICOURT.

We thank our predecessors, whatever their status, for the work accomplished for the benefit of the students and their success.

Olivier DEFLANDRE, Principal