School system

The French educational secondary system leads to an exam, the “Baccalauréat”, marking the end of secondary education. This exam is the first grade of university education. It is passed at the age of 18, as are pre-university diplomas in many countries.

In our system, “lycée” is the senior secondary school. Pupils attend it for three years, 15 to 18 of age. The classes are named “seconde”, “première” and “terminale”.

Educational systems could be compared in different countries : 

 We do the three years at Darchicourt : “Seconde”, the first year, is taylored to help everyone make their choices for the two other years.

Then the two last years (première and terminale) are focused on the study of one or two main subjects, orgzanized in different classes by topic : Litterature, Economics, Maths and Science for the general studies, and Business or Health/Social for technological studies.