From the Principal

The “Lycée Darchicourt” has for major objective the success of its students.

Wee seek Academic success through intensive exam preparation, based on the practice of many training exercises : Common tests, “blank” examinations, supervised homework …


has shown the effectiveness of this method. The study of cohorts of students entering second grade indicates that on average 80% of them get the baccalaureat.

This preparation is accompanied by an important policy to help struggling students and support excellence.

While our primary function is to deliver knowledge, our goal is to provide training likely to develop the personal a

nd human qualities of our students.

This is the goal we seek to achieve through our school plan and its components “culture” and “ambition”.

But this is not enough and students should know that their success will depend much of their courage, their self-discipline, their determination to succeed and the regularity of their efforts.

I wish them every success and hope that they will find in high school at Darchicourt, the teaching of values ​​and principles, in which they will draw the energy to have the passion and the will to undertake.

Philippe Hersoy, Principal.